Monday, March 26, 2012

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Lotus

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Reflect by trink- yoga & dance inspired jewels

And so it is official, trink's new line of yoga & dance inspired jewels has been branded (see trink's new chakra fairy!) and has been called 'Reflect'. Why reflect? Because like all jewelry made by trink, the Reflect line is made up of mainly Swarovski Austrian crystals that are the most twinkly of them all, famous for reflecting light. And because the line consists of crystal malas, used for meditation (reflection), I thought it fitting:)

To introduce Reflect to you, I will be hosting an official launch party at the Astri & trink boutique...

Hope to see you there & wishing you a happy spring!

For more info on the line, please visit

Sunday, March 4, 2012

92 & beading!

Today was the birthday of someone so dear to me, my Oma (German grandmother). Not only has she been an incredible mother, grandmother & great-grandmother but she has been a huge inspiration to me...and still is. She has always been very creative-everything that she makes is amazing- from her cooking & her cakes to her meticulous crochet projects & my favorite, her beading! It is no wonder I ended up making jewels...I grew up with a jewel box passed down from my mother consisting of many of my Oma's crochet beaded baubles. My favorite were her stretch cocktail rings that I have learnt to make and have been selling at trink for the past few years. And after years of not beading, I was so pleased when she surprised me with a wooden cigar box filled with her crochet beaded necklaces "to sell at your shop, if you can" she said when she gave them to me shortly after I opened trink six years ago- and not only are they selling at trink but they have become a main line I carry at all times! Yes, thats right, my incredible Oma is 92 & beading! She loves it & so do I- I only hope that I will be so lucky to still be doing what I love at her age!

Happy Birthday Oma, I love you!